Young Man Feigns Head Injury for Cameras

This footage is meant to show the evacuation of a man with a serious head injury, but it raises significant questions:

1) The “wound” does not produce anywhere near the amount of blood that would warrant the summons of an ambulance and the mad rush to evacuation.

2) Notice how the man with a head wound sits high and firm, rather than slumped.

3) The “rescuers” inexplicably rush the man back in front of the very Israeli position which is supposed to be the source of fire that caused the “injured” man’s wounds.

Note how the momentum of the initial action is paused about 10 seconds in, so that the actors don’t get ahead of themselves and the ambulance and cameras have a chance to line up the shot for maximum effect.

This scene contains all the elements of a promising Pallywood clip – the appearance of blood (but not anywhere near the kind of gore a real head wound would manifest and possibly repulse a Western audience,) a U.N. ambulance, frenzied screams of “Allahu Akhbar” by the “heroic rescuers” -and, of course, a large Palestinian flag – which is indispensable equipment for anyone helping to load a wounded man into an ambulance.

Following the original footage is an instant replay of the clip, paused at significant points for commentary by Richard Landes. The various oddities casting suspicion on the genuineness of this particular scene are highlighted.

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  • talknic

    We have no idea what has happened INSIDE the victims head. Even bloodless head injuries can take a while to have effect. He doesn’t hand off the object. His hand stays in the same position only moving backward after the guy in the yellow shirt uses two hands to take it away from him @ 04:07

    @01:08 There is a guy directly behind him, he is being held upright

    “no one else but the France 2 camera man catching the ..” Problem WE’RE WATCHING FOOTAGE SHOT BY SOMEONE ELSE! How stupid can you get?

    By the time he passes the camera @ 01:10 he has changed colour from 00:54

    The crowd is NOT taking him back towards the Israeli post. The ambulance is on a different road that runs at an angle to the road the young man first ran down. It can be seen in the background @01:17

    Who is Richard Landes trying to fool?