Triple Somersault for the Cameras

This performance is truly over-the-top. Note the long running jumps performed for effect and resolving into an acrobatic somersault, all performed for no apparent reason but to call the attention of cameramen and the traditional bevy of rescuers that characterize the staged scenes. Note the controlled roll, executed close to the ground. If the runner had been shot he would have either dropped like a sack or executed an uncontrolled face-plant. There is no blood whatsoever on the runner at any point in the footage and he shows no hinderance of movement.

Note that those crowding around the runner demonstrate not the slightest fear of being shot themselves. Odd behavior for people who theoretically had seen someone next to them felled by Israeli fire.

If the “victim” was injured at all by the end of this scene, the damage was likely caused by his none-too-gentle“rescuers” grabbing him by the neck and lugging him to the ambulance. The original footage is followed by an instant replay narrated by Richard Landes, which highlights the runner’s leap preceding somersault and shows that he evidences no injury whatsoever- ever after completing his somersault.. And the ambulance shows up right on cue for this one.. Pure pallywood gold.

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