In a sworn statement made to the Palestinian Center For Human RIghts on October 3, 2000 Talal Abu Rahma claimed that he “spent approximately 27 minutes photographing the incident which took place for 45 minutes”. However, the footage France2 released to the French appeals court under subpeona shows of the Al Durahs behind the barrel is composed of 6 short “takes” or segments totaling only 78 seconds in length. In that footage, we see only one bullet, out of the “hundreds”Abu Rahma claims were fired, hit the wall behind the Al Durahs. We see no bullets hit the Al Durahs, but between the “takes” other bullet holes appear in the wall, so that by the end of the final segment there 8 bullet holes in the wall near the barrel. The videos appearing in this section briefly outline some of the conclusions reached by those who investigated the dust cloud kicked off by the shot hitting the wall and the marks created by the other bullets that hit the wall off-camera. Please turn to the Analysis section of this site if you wish to find more extensive analysis of this evidence.

“Ballistic Tests Show…”

This clip narrated by Richard Landes shows the marked difference in appearance of the dust clouds produced when a bullet strikes a wall (like the one by which the Al Durah’s sheltered) from head-on and when a bullet strikes the same wall from a 30 degree angle. Palestinian gunmen firing

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