Solid forensic evidence is the touchstone for evaluating allegations of fact – especially those associated with charges of aggravated manslaughter or murder. Talal Abu Rahma has variously accused the soldiers in the Israeli post of both, in different words, but has not presented credible evidence for either claim.

Because this evidence demands analysis, we have placed the section presenting it under forensic analysis.

In fact, France2’s characterization of the visual evidence presented in the Abu Rahma’s raw footage is flatly contradicted by the forensic evidence itself. There are several categories of forensic evidence which belie France2’s claim that the Al Durahs were hit by fire after being targeted by fire from the Israeli position:

Evidence concerning ballistics
Evidence concerning the bullets (or lack thereof)
Evidence concerning the blood (or the lack thereof)
Evidence concerning the body ( the identity of the boy buried as Muhammad Al Durah)

“Judging by the position of the Israeli and Palestinian gunmen at the time…”

Jean- Claude Schlinger, France’s leading ballistic expert reviewed the evidence and produced a detailed report. In this clip from Esther Schapira’s documentary Das Kind Der Tod Und Die Warheit, Schlinger sums up his conclusion that “ the shots can only have come from the Palestinian post “Pita, behind the photographers at a right angle to the Al Durahs”.

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“Ballistic Tests Show…”

This clip narrated by Richard Landes shows the marked difference in appearance of the dust clouds produced when a bullet strikes a wall (like the one by which the Al Durah’s sheltered) from head-on and when a bullet strikes the same wall from a 30 degree angle. Palestinian gunmen firing that day were located at the Pita position

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“We have some secrets, you know, for our self…” – Talal Abu Rahma interviewed by Esther Schapira

Interviewed by Esther Schapira a year after the Al Durah incident, Talal Abu Rahma, France2’s Palestinian photojournalist, avers that he filmed the kind of the bullets fired at the Al Durahs and further states that France2 collected bullets from the wall – but he cannot recall the size of the bullets and maintains that the information is “secret’.

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