Look, Listen, Decide for Yourself

Mohammed al-Durah

On September 30, 2000 France2 circulated dramatic footage to multiple news networks purporting to have captured the killing “on camera” of a young Palestinian boy who “died in his father’s arms.”  This footage and the accompanying “lethal narrative” spread worldwide. But a dispassionate and open-minded review of the available evidence calls into question this narrative.

France 2’s 59-second clip of 6 ‘segments’ went to air that day, with the voice-over of France 2’s Israel correspondent who was not present at the scene but whose narrative dictated its lethal message. Below we offer you the evidence and its careful analysis, and invite you to make an judgment on this incident, independent of what the mainstream news media consensus has told you.

To better understand the issues, we recommend you first orient yourself in terms of the layout of Netzarim Junction, and then view the following two tapes in sequence (directly below) and then, if you want, side by side, to see how France2’s Middle East correspondent Charles Enderlin edited and presented the material. Then get to the close analysis.

A Closer Look at France2 Raw Al Durah Footage

Here we give you a chance to look closely at the footage upon which Enderlin based his Al Durah Broadcast. The final 78 seconds of his cameraman, Talal abu Rahma, begin with the al Durah's behind the barrel under fire  and finish with scenes taken after the Al Durahs are gone. We then break these 78 seconds down into 7 segments of a ca. 10 seconds each so that you can view each segment independently and consider additional evidence.

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Videos You Have Not Seen

This section collects related video footage that most people have not seen. The footage was left on the cutting room floor, and most of it only made available by court order in 2008. These videos are crucial evidence showing the Al Durah incident to be quite different from the original edited version created by Talal abu Rahma and presented to the international media by Charles Enderlin.  

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Problematic Testimonies

Following the Al Durah incident, testimonies were given by those who alleged that Israeli fire struck both the father and son. These testimonies are full of contradictions, both internally and externally, bringing into question the validity of their statements. This section contains short video clips from interviews exposing the contradictions. For the full interviews, please refer to our press resources section. 

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Problematic Forensic Evidence

Here, we examine the evidence that purports to buttress France2’s allegations that the Al Durhas were targeted and hit by fire coming from the Israeli position and contrast it with evidence that the offending fire came from another direction entirely. 

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