Another lethal narrative on the BBC website

The mainstream media – of which the BBC is part – claims to deal in news rather than fiction or folk-lore. News is based upon what happened in reality and is necessarily supported by factual evidence, with the provision of that evidence being the responsibility of those who circulate the story. One of the issues facing media outlets in the digital age is speed: the competition with their peers to get a story out fast and first. That priority means that increasingly we see the supporting factual evidence behind a story being neglected, to the extent that – as the BBC now knows only too well – wholly or partly unproven stories are sometimes knowingly run. An unproven story not based entirely upon verifiable evidence becomes fiction which often makes up part of a narrative. Add to that the strand of Western culture according to which all narratives are equal and facts are often an optional extra because cultural and moral relativism mean that objective judgements of fact and fiction, truth and untruth, right and wrong, cannot be made – and we are left with a situation in which news stories often play more to the audience’s emotional reaction than concentrating on communicating a concrete message of information…

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Reflections on the Enderlin-Karsenty Case in the Al Durah Affair

In response to the previous post, reader Martin J. Malliet wrote the following about the upcoming trial in Paris. Since this trial, scheduled for hearing on January 6, 2013, represents an important mile-marker in the now-over-twelve-year-long festering problem of al Durah and its profoundly noxious impact on the West, it’s important to become aware of the issues. Here below, Martin’s excellent comments with further reflections by me. Further remarks welcome. “The accusation of ‘bad journalism’ (misrepresenting the facts of the IDF’s responsibility) against France2/Enderlin should have been brought to the court by the IDF themselves. Or otherwise by somebody who could claim to have been unlawfully harmed by the bad journalism, such as an Israeli citizen being harmed by the false depiction of a government that is representing him…”

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