Was Muhammad shot in the stomach with a bullet that “exploded his stomach”?

Progenitors of the claim

Talal Abu Rahma, Jamal Al Durah, The ambulance driver who purported to evacuate Mohammed Al Durah to Shifa Hospital and Dr. El Masry all claim that Muhammad suffered a grievous/fatal stomach wound.  

Aldurah.com critique

A stomach wound of this nature should have produced massive blood loss (and blood spatter, if the bullet “exploded” Muhammad’s stomach” – as claimed by Abu Rahma, or was caused by “explosion bullets” (sic.) which Abu Rahma claimed were being used by the IDF that day (see below). The video evidence of the alleged incident and its aftermath – and video from the following day - is inconsistent with such bleeding.

Video of the ambulance driver testifying that the boy’s intestines were outside his body.