Progenitors of the claim

Talal Abu Rahma and Jamal Al Durah both testified Jamal was hit by multiple rounds in the legs body and arm. Jamal said his body was “full of holes.” critique

Per testimony by Moshe Tamim (Jamal Al Durah’s Israeli employer), Jamal told him near the time of the alleged shooting that he was hit by nine bullets – not 12.

While one might argue that it makes no substantive difference whether Jamal was hit by 9 bullets or 12, it appears that neither Jamal nor Abu Rahma can resist the urge to keep embroidering the tale, from increasing the number of wounds to talking about “explosion bullets”.

(Also note: Tamim’s testimony of what Jamal told him is not hearsay if used to prove what Jamal represented – 9 bullets, here, not 12 – as opposed to using it to prove the truth of whether he was hit by 9 bullets… What is important is the change in Jamal’s telling of the story.)

It is also odd that there is a good deal of blood visible when Jamal is bandaged post-surgery at the Jordanian army hospital – and none visible at the time of the shooting, before he received medical care.
Also, Abu Rahma says he inter-viewed Jamal the day after the shooting at Shifa Hospital: do we have footage? Abu Rahma implies he did these interviews to “protect” France2… Video Clip 5 at about minute 21- why?