Was Muhammad Al Durah shot in the knee?

Progenitors of the claim

Talal Abu Rahma (the cameraman who filmed the scene); Jamal Al Durah (father of Muhammad Al Durah); Dr. Abed El Raqez El-Masry, the morgue pathologist at Shifa Medical Center who performed a limited autopsy on the body that France2 claims was that of Muhammad Al Durah) all say Muhammad was shot in the knee.

Aldurah.com critique

The video shows no blood on either of Muhammad’s knees. A transitory reddish blotch does appear on Muhammad’s right pant leg near his upper thigh. The blotch then disappears, only to reappear near Muhammad’s stomach.

The video and photo evidence

Muhammed clutching a red rag to his chest

Muhammed clutching a red rag to his thigh