Claim: Jamal Al Durah, at least, was injured by explosive bullets fired by the IDF

Progenitors of the claim

Talal Abu Rahma claims that there was no autopsy of Muhammad (implying that the claim regarding explosive bullets cannot be justified by the autopsy report) and, as for Jamal’s injuries, only the Israelis had “explosion (sic.) bullets with them” and the Jordanian report showed that Jamal was hit by explosive bullets. critique

If this allegation were true, then Jamal Al Durah should have resembled Swiss Cheese by the end of the video. However, he is completely intact and shows no sign of bleeding or physical injury . Talal Abu Rahma’s “explosion bullets” claim seems to have been designed to account for the fact that not a single bullet has been produced by France2 or anyone else to support the allegations of shooting.  Talal’Abu Rahma’s claim that there was no autopsy is flat-out wrong. There is video testimony of Dr. El Masry, the pathologist from Shifa hospital who performed an autopsy – however cursory – on a body alleged to be Muhammad Al Durah’s. The doctor makes no mention of explosive bullets and photographs of the autopsy show a body relatively intact.

As for Talal’s claims regarding Jamal’s injury from explosive bullets, see the evidence regarding the preceding claim.