Claim from Ambulance driver: when he picked up Muhammad, the boy’s intestines were outside of his body

Progenitors of the claim

The ambulance driver who allegedly picked up the Muhammad and Jamal at the scene following the shooting reported that Muhammad’s innards were expelled onto the ground as a result of the shooting. critique

See the analysis of  Enderlin's claim that "Sometimes you have internal bleeding. Some-times you have some injuries where a bullet gets in and out sometimes it doesn’t bleed," and the analysis of Abu Rachma's claim that, the boy lay bleeding from his stomach wound for at least 17 minutes for issues presented by this testimony.  The admitting doctor (Dr. Tawil) at Shifa Hospital notes that a small body and the body of an ambulance driver arrived at the Shifa Hospital together. There is no report of Jamal and Muhammad arriving together.

Video of the ambulance driver testifying that the boy’s intestines were outside his body.