Segment 6 of 7: The "Death Throes" Enderlin Cut

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Here is the final segment that Talal abu Rahma filmed of the Al Durahs under fire behind the barrel. We see that Jamal has changed position since the last segment, this time turning to the left (away from his son now lying at his feet). The sequence is shot out of focus. Again, at Time Code Reading (TCR) 1:18:07:03 as abu Rahma’s camera pulls back or zooms out we can see the empty tripod to the left of the Al Durahs that we first saw in Segment 3 of 7.

Muhammad lies on the ground, still stretched out, still holding his right hand over his eyes. At (TCR) 1:17:59:05 to 1:18:08 Muhammed slowly raises his elbow until he is looking out from underneath his right arm (squarely in the direction of the camera). Muhammed then slowly lowers his arm, lifting his feet behind him in counterweight.

Enderlin cut this scene from his original broadcast, claiming alternately 1) these were the death throes of the child and he wanted to spare his viewers so unbearable a sight and 2) he did not want to focus overmuch on Al Durah as his broadcast was about a larger story.

Such movements, however, according to forensic medical expert Ricardo Nachman:

The final scenes (sic.), in which the boy raises his head and arm, moves his hand to his face and look (sic.) out in to the distance does not depict death throes but rather a deliberate movement. One does not need to be an expert to realize this. Someone who has been significantly wounded by a bullet to the stomach cannot make such movements. One would expect the boy to clutch his stomach rather than reach up and place his hand on his face.

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