Segment 5 of 7: Muhammad Down (Stretched Out) and his Father Swaying

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This is the final segment used by Enderlin in his original broadcast. He continues his narration from the previous segment “[Muhammad is dead…] and his father badly injured.”

Indeed we see Jamal swaying back and forth as if in shock, although in this sequence he is facing the camera directly and, again, shows no sign of blood on his clothing or on the wall behind him.

The boy is now lying outstretched, with his right hand covering his eyes. Such a position undermines the narrative whereby he has died of a stomach wound, since, were that the case, he would have remained in a fetal position clutching the wound.

There is red around his shirt near his stomach, but no blood on the ground in front of him, despite, according to Talal, his having bled out on the ground for twenty minutes before dying.

There is a bullet hole in the wall just behind Jamal’s arm which could not possibly have come from the Israeli position without turning a corner.

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