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PATV immediately weaponized the footage of al Durah. Within a matter of days, they found the footage they wanted: an Israeli soldier firing a gun (at demonstrators rioting because of the showing of the al Durah footage). Newsmen at the PA inserted this into the footage affirming the accusation of deliberate, targeted killing.

Al Durah Footage doctored to accuse Israel of deliberately targeting the boy:

Asked to explain the procedure – which violates every principle of Western professional journalism, but apparently accords directly with the Palestinian belief that “journalists should tell the truth and nothing but the truth.”

PA TV Official explains adulterating Al Durah footage (Schapira, “Three Bullets and a Dead Child”):

The footage was played in an endless loop. The most popular Palestinian singer sang a song in which the video has Muhammad gesturing to other children to come join him in martyrdom.

Al Durah video song calling on Palestinian children to follow him in martyrdom:

One Israeli observer noted during the course of the Intifada, one could anticipate the levels of violence the following day by counting how many times the Al Durah footage appeared on PATV.

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