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Interviewed by Esther Schapira a year after the Al Durah incident Talal Abu Rahma, France2’s Palestinian photojournalist, alleges that the Israelis were expressly targeting the Al Durahs as they huddled by the wall at Netzarim Junction on September 30, 2000.

  • Problem 1: External inconsistency – The Israeli post was 80 meters from the Al Durahs. How likely is it that Israeli sharpshooters firing high velocity weapons at overlapping stationary targets from a distance of 80 meters would require 28 minutes of constant firing to kill one person and not even manage to mortally wound the second? Ask any soldier with battle experience how long it would take to hit a stationary target at 80 meters. It takes seconds.
  • Problem 2. External inconsistency – How likely is it that Israeli sharpshooters would focus consistently for 28 minutes on a target located far from the Palestinian positions from which fire was emanating toward the Israeli post?

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  • dionissis_mitropoulos

    Problems 1 and 2 are basically saying the same thing (i.e. how the Israeli marksmen could have been so incompetent). They are redundant, it is better if only problem 2 is maintained, and add to it the sentence from problem 1: “or 45 minutes of constant firing (depending on which part of Abu Rachma’s testimony one believes)”