In Depth Ballistic Analysis: Facing the Truth Head-On

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The Israeli position was located approximately 80 meters from the barrel where the Al Durahs were located and at a 30 degree angle to it. If bullets fired from the Israeli position had struck the wall behind the Al Durahs the bullets would have left elliptical marks on the wall, not round ones. A round hole on the wall indicates that the source of fire making the impression thereon is located directly head-on to the wall.

In addition, the dust kicked up from a head-on gunshot toward a stone wall, such as the one behind the Al Durahs is relatively small and round in shape. A shot striking a wall from a 30 degree angle would produce a much larger dust cloud, elliptical in shape.

Near the beginning of the Al Durah sequence in Talal abu Rahma’s footage we see can a shot strike the wall. See the photos below, captured at Time Code Reading (TCR) 1:17:06:05 through TCR 1:17:06:23, followed by a frame taken at 1:17:07: 06, approximately one second after the shot hit the wall. The shot strikes at TCR 1:17:06:10 [24 seconds into France2’s September 30, 2000 broadcast] at a spot on the wall two blocks above Mohammed’s head and one block over to the left, as we face him. A that point, almost directly below the shot we see strike the wall, there already appears to be another bullet hole near Muhammad – one block above his head level and one block over to our left as we face the boy. This previous bullet hole is also round, evidencing a prior discharge from directly in front of the Al Durahs. BY frames at TCR 1:17:6:15 through 1:17:6:20 we can already discern the new hole clearly as the dust from the shot has dissipated and the camera focus is improved.

N.B. The dust cloud we see created by the one shot we see hitting the wall is clearly round, as is the hole created by the shot. In fact, all other bullet holes we see in the wall near the Al Durahs are similarly round in shape, indicating that all shots fired toward them emanated from the Palestinian position located at the “Pita” directly opposite the Al Durahs -and not from the Israeli position, which stood at a 30 degree angle to the site.

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Testimony and a detailed report by French ballistics Jean-Claude Schlinger, who testified at the January installment of the Karsenty trial makes clear that the fire described by Abu Rahma and Enderlin as coming the Israeli position could not possibly have come from there given the ballistic evidence. France2 and Charles Enderlin have presented no ballistics evidence.

Below is the video of the bullet hitting the wall (both in real time and slow-motion) followed by “stills”, so that you can examine the footage frame by frame. First, the real time footage:

a-sm from Al Durah Project on Vimeo.

Here is the slowed down footage:

a-xsm from Al Durah Project on Vimeo.



1st bullet-a1st bullet-b

1st bullet-c

1st bullet-d








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