Different Camera Angle - Reuters footage of the Al Durahs from behind them by the barrel

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This footage was shot by a Reuters cameraman situated behind the Al-Durahs by the barrel. It shows the broader context to Abu Rahma’s limited focus when filming the Al Durahs as they sit behind the barrel.

We can hear gunfire in the background but it does not seem to be coming from the Israeli position judging from the behavior of people exposed to the Israelis. Gazans milling around directly in front of the Israeli post without apparent concern for their safety. (notice the four people, mid-screen, at seconds 8 – 19). A bicyclist and various cameramen cross the set unhurriedly.

There is some “action” near the barrel, but we have no visual indication that people near the barrel are being targeted by the Israelis, either.

At several points in the footage we can hear the Al Durahs speaking and they do not sound to be under particular stress. Other people run past the Al Durahs and at least one person ducks in behind them.

Question 1: If the AlDurahs or others near the barrel were in danger why did they remain behind the barrel not leave with the other people running by?

Question 2: If the Al Durahs were being targeted and endangered by Israeli fire why would yet other people come to sit near the barrel, behind the Al-Durah’s in a spot even more exposed to potential fire from the Israeli position?

Question 3: If the Al Durahs were not in danger, why were they positioned behind the barrel in the first place?

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