Another Camera Angle - Footage from an AP cameraman from behind the Al Durahs

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This footage was shot by an AP cameraman situated even further behind the Al-Durahs than the Reuters cameraman (wearing a white and yellow “press” vest) who shot the footage in the previous clip. Also behind the barrel is the fellow we saw ducking behind the Al Durahs near the barrel in the previous clip.

This makes a total of 5 people behind the barrel – at least 3 of whom would be exposed to Israeli fire – if the Israelis were shooting in their direction.

Question: Is there any evidence that the people behind the barrel are in danger from the Israeli fire – or believe they are?

At the end of the clip we see Talal Abu Rahma and an assistant standing smack in the middle of the street directly in front of the Israeli position with a tripod.. Do they look remotely concerned for their own safety?

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  • Bennorius

    At 00:17 stop the image. On the left you see Mohammed’s distinctly patterned pullover and his leg. On the right of the image are the Israeli army turrets, from which soldiers shoot. Look at the angle, which is roughly 45 degrees. Coupled to the inadequate cover offered by the concrete/stone drum, this puts paid to the claim by Landis et al. that the bullits that hit the al-Dura’s could not have come from the Israeli position. Look at the people behiding various objects. The fire is obviously coming from the Israeli side. Note that the crossing is much emptier now than earlier in the France 2 rushes, because the Israeli soldiers have begun shooting with live fire. The position behind the drum is not safe, which is the reason that others trying to hide there, including the cameraman, move away to a safer place and only Mohammed and his father are left.